10 Mom Hacks for a Stress Free Summer

By the end of the school year, us moms are D-O-N-E. Am I right? We long for summer’s less stringent schedule even though we know what it can lead to. I mean the kids are home with us ALL summer. If we don’t keep them busy, the whining will start. And no mom wants to listen to whining for three months. So, what do we do? We plan my friends. We plan. And this is coming from someone who isn’t a natural planner. I’ve had to learn the hard way. If I don’t go into summer somewhat prepared, chaos ensues almost immediately. And with that comes the stress. We have enough going on, we don’t need any added stress!

So, let’s chat about some ways we can make life easier on ourselves. Let’s talk mom hacks. With these 10 mom hacks for a stress free summer, you can cut down on the anxiety all that together time can bring to your family and instead allow you to appreciate each other! We have our kids with us for such a finite amount of time, we shouldn’t waste an ounce of summer magic on stress!

10 Mom Hacks For a Stress Free Summer – Phoenix Mom Blog

Easy Summer Mom Hacks
1. Run a semi-schedule: You certainly don’t want it to be as strict as the school year schedule, but a get up by a decent time, stay active and learn something daily schedule is totally doable.
2. Get active with the kids: Just like kids need to run it out, sometimes moms do too. The next time you send them out to play, join them for a bit.
3. Create entertainment stations: I’m talking a craft station, a movie station, an outdoor play station. That’s enough to keep them busy for hours.
4. Set up snack stations: Never do kids want more snacks than in the summertime. Make it easy for them to serve themselves by preparing single serving snack packs in baggies.
5. Draft a summer bucket list: They’ll have a blast checking each summer goal of your family’s list, no matter how small.
6. Explore your neighborhood: A scavenger hunt is a great way to make the street you see every day more interesting!
7. Fill a boredom buster jar: Every time you hear “I’m bored” send them to a jar filled with little slips of paper that contain a boredom busting activity idea!
8. Plan family game nights: Put away the screens and enjoy some good old fashioned family fun. We love Friday board game nights at our house!
9. Take field trips: Getting out of the house is crucial to summer survival. Once a week, plan a fun activity for the family away from your home.
10. Make a chore chart: When the kids are home more, the house gets messier, faster. Give each family member a quick task from the chore chart each day and you’ll stay on top of that mess. Less mess equals less stress!