10 Things to Do with All that Halloween Candy

It always seems to amaze me, how much candy I buy every year for my neighborhood trick or treaters. Tonight, I will not only be handing out handfuls of candy, but my kids will also be bringing home just as much, if not more. The excitement of filling up a pillowcase, seems a little excessive in my family. Yet, one week later I’ve hid 3 quarters of it, and my kid’s didn’t even have a clue, that any was even missing. So this year I’ve put some thought, into what I should do with my candy leftovers. YES I said candy leftovers. 🙂

  1. Believe it or NOT, some local dentist or orthodontics will actually take your candy, and in trade will give you tooth brushes-Pretty cool right?
  2. Cant ever forget about our troops, there are several organizations who you can donate your leftover candy to and they will ship it our hero’s overseas .
  3. Save it and re gift it. Wrap up a few pieces in a cute paper bag or box, and give it as a thank you gift to, teachers, daycare providers, babysitters, friends etc.
  4. Recycle it. As your children are bringing in the pillow case loads, re load your “giving” bowl and re give to other children in the neighborhood.
  5. Stuff it. Use left over candy to fill stockings for Christmas, or children centerpieces at Thanksgiving.
  6. Freeze it. Most candy can be kept frozen to use, or eat at a later date.
  7. Share it. Put it on your desk at the office, or put it in the kitchen at your work.
  8. Bake it. You would be amazed how many recipes you can find on the internet, using key ingredients straight from your Halloween goodie bag.
  9. Help the homeless. There are several organizations who help homeless people with healthy meals. But at times appreciate the candy too.
  10. Wear it. Make candy necklaces with the extra candy.

Be safe tonight and enjoy the weather!